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"We Are Slightly Selective"

As they say Great things don't come easy. You might be surprised to know that we aren't just looking for any client that comes knocking.

We are bit particular

In fact, we pick our clients after certain Filtrations. That's because we are slightly choosy, provocative, aggressively goal oriented, masters of debate, and contrarian. Yep, we're all those things guilty as charged. But it's only because we're passionate about what we do, and we've seen what conformity can do to a brand and it isn't easier. So if you're looking for order taking, sycophantic lemmings please don't bother. However, if you want partners aligned with your passion that possess an unwavering commitment to kick ass and achieve the desired results, let's do this!

An Integrated Approach

The Integrated Staffing team will work with you to develop an understanding of your operations and find you the right worker for the job. Our unmatched flexibility and convenience offers a smart way to screen prospective employees before integrating them into your team.

How can we help you?

Whether you’re a stellar employer or an amazing talent, we’re here to help you.